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Tester hydraulic TG-200
  • Tester hydraulic TG-200
  • Tester hydraulic TG-200
  • Tester hydraulic TG-200

Tester hydraulic TG-200

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17500 UAH(650 USD)
Wholesale: 16500 UAH(610 USD) from 2 pcs
Country of manufacture:Ukraine

it is intended for measurement of the following parameters of a hydraulic system:

  • consumption of working liquid, l/min;
  • pressure of working liquid, MPa (kgf/cm2);
  • temperature of working liquid, Page.

also it can be applied to diagnosing of hydraulic pumps, to debugging of work of a hydraulic system and search of malfunctions of its elements.

The current values of pressure and temperature are displayed by arrow devices, and value of an expense is brought to a board of the indicator of an expense (IRCh-1).


As a part of a hydrotester the load valve which at the same time carries out function of the adjustable safety valve is built in.


The device is mobile and easy-to-work, is powered from the accumulators which are built in IRCh-1.

The hydrotester of TG-200 is used for the solution of a wide range of the tasks arising in use the gidrofitsirovanny equipment, for example:

  • check of technical condition of pumps (pump efficiency) with giving to 200 l/min - measurement of size of giving of the pump depending on the loading pressure which is established by the load valve;
  • tincture of the maximum pressure of a hydraulic system which is limited to the load valve and is regulated depending on the most admissible pressure of the pump. Thus, the device can be connected directly to an exit of the pump, the additional safety valve is not required;
  • expeditious control, and also diagnostics of regulators of an expense and safety valves, etc.
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Measurement range: 0 - 320  bar
Information is up-to-date: 29.01.2018

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